ADA-friendly PDF: 06331-us-v4-redapt-revision-acetabular-design-rationale-1220

REDAPT™ Revision Acetabular Design Rationale

The revision shells are developed for use in revision cases where compromised bone makes implant fixation and stability more difficult. The REDAPT™ Fully Porous Shell accommodates cemented liners whereas the REDAPT™ Modular Shell is manufactured to accommodate snap in liners. To allow ingrowth, an additive manufacturing process is used to produce an implant with porous structure that is intended to mimic the structure of cancellous bone. Additionally, variableangle locking screws can be used. Compared to conventional screws, REDAPT™ Variable Angle Locking Screws have demonstrated enhanced rigidity, which can increase the initial stability of the construct.