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REDAPT™ Revision Acetabular Augment Design Rationale

The REDAPT™ Acetabular Augments are developed for use in revision total hip arthroplasty cases where bone voids exist that may not be able to be addressed solely through placement of an acetabular shell. Augments aid in the restoration of the native hip center, where using a cup alone might produce a high hip center.To allow ingrowth, an additive, or 3D-printed manufacturing process is used to produce an entirely porous implant that is intended to mimic the structure of cancellous bone. Augments are designed with bone-conserving shapes, to support the construct while removing minimal bone. Additionally, variable-angle locking screws can be used. Compared to conventional screws, REDAPT™ Variable Angle Locking Screws have demonstrated enhanced rigidity*, which can increase the initial stability of the construct.